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  • Japanese Rice Supply Chain Business

    We will provide overall arrangement from production, processing and sales for Japanese rice to thru our own branding “Samurice” to expanding the globalize business. On the other hand, we have launched another brand called “Bento Labo” to disseminate “Washoku” (Japanese food culture) in the world.

  • Loyalty program and development of supply chain business

    Japan Point is the loyalty program designed for Japanese Food enthusiasts and provide the marketing research for the government sector, Municipality and food suppliers and develop the business opportunity.


  • Company name
    Agri Holding Inc.
  • Head Quarter
    AG&Food Center 1-3-11 Horidome-cho Nihonbashi Chuo Tokyo Japan 103-0012
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  • Established
  • Capital
    210 Million Yen
  • Board of management
    Owner / Founder Issey Maeda
    Director     Shuhei Tsukada
    Director     Keisuke Kasagi
    Director     Wataru Iwazaki
    Director     Masato Ojimi
  • Executive Company advisor
    Dr. Yukihiro Maru (the CEO of Leave a Nest Co Ltd in Japan)
    Mr. Seijiro Kohashi ( President of Kohashi Industries Co. Ltd)

Director's profile

  • Owner / Founder
    Mr. Issey Maeda
    He was born in Tokyo in 1984, started to invest & structure to venture capital firm, since 2006 and have been established more than 10 companies in the world. He has been to be a shareholder or director in the companies for supporting the business. He has established Agri Holding in 2013 and expand to promote the Japanese agriculture and food thru subsidiaries.
    Bento Labo
    Japan Point
    Washoku Treasure
  • Director / Ph. D
    Dr. Shuhei Tsukada
    He was born in Kyoto in 1980 and graduated from the University of Tokyo Agricultural and Life Science department doctorate course. He has joined "Leave a Nest Co. Ltd in Japan" since 2002 and has Inaugurated to Regional Development Project Manager in 2010. Thereafter he has involved plant factory business and set up the "Design of the Plant Factory -in house production and consumption” at Subway Japan on July 2010. In recognition of such achievements, he was appointed strategic development manager of Leave a Nest Co. Ltd in Japan on May 2017.
  • Director / COO (Chief Operating Officer)
    Mr. Wataru Iwazaki
    He was born into an orange farming family in Shizuoka in 1983 and graduated from Waseda University school of commerce in 2006. Having enthusiasm for agriculture since early childhood, he established the company called “EJ Inc. to operate the Cold Press Juice business since in April 2015
  • Director / US Operations
    Mr. Keisuke Kasagi
    He was born in 1986 and graduated master degree from Keio University school of media and governance. While studying, he started a scholarship project that replaces the money with rice in Fukushima and Niagara area. Thereafter, joined several companies to in charge of marketing business. He had joined Agri Holdings since 2015 and become the US market’s representative since 2016.
  • Director / Public Affairs
    Mr. Masato Ojimi
    1He was born in 1965, and graduated bachelor’s degree from Meiji University school of business administration. He is well acquainted with public relations planning, personnel affairs and consulting work at several companies. Since 2013, he had been engaged in investment project promoting Sixth Industrialization at Government-affiliated financial institution A-FIVE, he is the executive director of the 6th Industrialization Support Center and supports agriculture, forestry and fishery. He has joined the agricultural group since April 2017.
  • Advisor
    Dr. Yukihiro Maru
    He is the CEO of Leave a Nest Co Ltd in Japan. He was born in 1987, from Yokohama Kanagawa Pref. He received the doctoral degree of the Department of Agricultural and Life Science, University of Tokyo. While he was at college he founded "Leave a Nest Inc". He launched to be called "Knowledge Platform" and built the infrastructure to gather knowledge of the world. In December 2014, Euglena Co Ltd. which listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange has been appointed as a technical adviser.